The VisMath Anthology

Experience-centered Approach and Visuality in the Education of Mathematics and Physics. Kaposvár University, 2012.

Board of Editors: Javier Barrallo, Mateja Budin, Anthony Durity, Kristóf Fenyvesi, Slavik Jablan, Anna Kling Takács, Ljiljana Radović, Radmila Sazdanović, Eleonóra Stettner.

Layout: János Szász Saxon.

Everyone who finds beauty and joy in mathematics and physics is well aware that knowledge in science can be useful in far more ways than solving problems in school. By revealing the secrets of mathematics and physics, we can invent interesting events or discover amazing tools, which can be useful in engineering, medicine, or even in the creation of wonderful artworks. When we build bridges between science, art and education, we also promote intercultural dialogue and create interdisciplinary communities.

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