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School Leadership11-14.2. AI and Digital Competences for Everyday Teaching20-25.1.
STEAM in School with special focus STEM to STEAM11-16.3. confirmedSchool Leadership10-13.2.
STEAM in School Education22-27.4.confirmedSTEAM in School Education10-15.3.
Essentials of Finnish Education6-11.5. confirmedEssentials of Finnish Education – Focus on Sustainability7-12.4.
STEAM in School Education12-17.8.confirmedAI and Digital Competences for Everyday Teaching5-10.5.
Project-Based Learning19-24.8.STEAM in School Education11-15.8.
AI and Digital Competences for Everyday Teaching23-28.9.confirmedAI and Digital Competences for Everyday Teaching18-22.8.
STEAM in School Education21-26.10.confirmedEssentials of Finnish Education15-20.9.
Be a Mentor for Your Students11-16.11.STEAM in School Education20-25.10.
Project-Based Learning11-16.11.Project-Based Learning10-15.11.
Be a Mentor for Your Students10-15.11.







Experience Workshop is a Finland-based education company that provides international knowledge transfer for Finnish educational innovations. Experience Workshop works in the field of Finnish education, STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics), sustainability, digital competence development, and has expertise in other innovative and creative educational fields as well. The company’s professional supervisor is Ph. D. Kristóf Fenyvesi, senior researcher at the Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä.


Experience Workshop is offering trainings for teachers enabling them to implement Erasmus+ mobility programmes, whether accredited mobility programmes or short-term projects. Teachers have the opportunity to take part in classical methodological training.



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Nóra Somlyódy




Dr Kristóf Fenyvesi STEAM director




Eszter Kovács Erasmus-coordinator



Others said about us…


Engaging with other educators and experts during the program has honed my communication skills and expanded my professional network, which will be invaluable in my future endeavors.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Understanding how to integrate STEAM into my teaching has opened up new avenues for curriculum development.

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