First graders build with LUX

The "Norssi" School in Jyväskylä celebrated science days on the 12-13. April. Norssi (or Normaalikoulu) is the teacher training school of the University of Jyväsklyä. We were invited to do a workshop in Susanne Roos' class. (Read more about the school in English here.)


First, children watched the video explaining how LUX works. LUX pieces snap together easily and they're ideal for creating moving structures with it. Then, children created "bracelets" of 5- and 6 LUX-pieces.

Later on, in small groups, they built these rings together into one big structure resembling a ball. What is it? It's the truncated icosahedron.

The workshop was held by Kristof Fenyvesi.

As a break inbetween, children played with the puzzle game Smart Egg.

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