4d Frame resources

Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe modelling toolkit STEAM Learning Materials

4dframe Geodetisk kupol / Geodeettinen kupoli / Geodesic dome

Build a giant geodesic dome with 4D Frame! Bygg en jättelik geodetisk kupol med hjälp av 4D Frame Download the...

The tools for developing a spatial geometric approach

Article by Eleonóra Stettner and Emese György (download the article for free here) Abstract: Tamás Varga writes about the use of...

4D Frame giant Warka Water tower

You can purchase the giant 4D Frame Warka Water tower toolkit from our webshop...

4D Frame Mechatronics driven by smartphone

With Mechatronics you can build models – e.g. robots – controlled by a smartphone or tablet application. Mechatronics combines the creativity of...


4Dframe videos:


Presentation Materials for Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe activities:

Bridge Building Challenge

Snowflake Science

Football and Basketball with Giant Molecules

Let’s Build a Small Geodesic Dome!

4Dframe Warka Water

4Dframe Wind & Water Power

4Dframe Mechanical Instruments

4Dframe Sierpinski Tetrahedron

4Dframe “Bubbleology”

Let’s Build a GIGANTIC Geodesic Dome!

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