www.learningbydoing.fi is Experience Workshop’s new webstore

During the past few months we’ve been working on renewing our webshop both from the inside and from the outside. Finally we’re ready to show you the result!

What did we exactly do?

1. First of all, we found a new name: learning by doing, www.learningbydoing.fi, because we think that’s the road to learning: learn through play, learn through experiment, learn through doing!

2. The page itself has gone through a profound visual transformation (design: Visual Friday). You might also notice Experience Workshop’s new logo on the page, which we warmly thank to Helsinki-based illustrator Reka Kiraly.

3. If you jump to http://www.learningbydoing.fi/fi, you’ll also see that you are able to browse our products not only on English, but in Finnish as well – if you feel like facing this challenge :). But seriously, we’ve finally grown up to the fact that Experience Workshop is based in Finland. (As many of you know, our origins go back to Hungary – the Hungarian edition, ÉlményMűhely is as active there as it used to be.)

4. Many of the STEAM toolkits we use at workshops, events and trainings (when possible), are available from our store, so next time you need e.g. LUX, 4DFrame or Poly-Universe, directly look for the category on the page

You might also wonder which toolkits to use in preschool, primary or secondary school STEAM education – look for our suggestions under STEAM school boxes

In case you wish to get trained as a teacher of STEAM or to get acquainted with Finnish education, you also find a STEAM training option on our page.

5. On this new page you are able to browse, order and also pay online right away, when ordering to EU countries. There are a range of payment options, like mobile, bank and card payment, including Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express. From a non-EU country, you should first write an e-mail to shop@experienceworkshop.org to map shipping possibilities.

6. And finally, new is also that you find all our products on social media, too:





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We are curious about your opinion!! Send your feedback to info@experienceworkshop.org.


 Nora Somlyody 
 Experience Workshop ay



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