The 4Dframe Warka Tower of Community in Diversity rose at the City of Light Festival in Finland

Experience Workshop’s new project in Finland, “Sillat” (“Bridges”) was opened on the City of Light Festival (Valon Kaupunki) in Jyväskylä. An inspired team of about two dozen people from all over the world pulled up the Warka Water Tower on the Church Square as the afternoon lights were fading. When darkness approached, besides our tower, many other light-installations became finally visible in the center of Jyväskylä.

With the help of some more hands from the growing festival crowd, the Warka tower rose up high, with all 4D frame tubes glowing in attractive green and silver.

In the meantime, dj Mikä Fandi set up his equipment next to the structure and launched an atmospheric set of music, which turned walkers-by into a happily dancing and partying gang. In the complete darkness, there it was: the tower which is built collectively in order to collect water from the air in dry African regions – and the same structure brings people together to build, play and dance in the lot more rainy Finland. And you can still add: even this is STEAM – Science, Technology, Education, Arts and Maths 🙂


Thanks to Sillat-project participants for all the great images and the coordination of the event!

“Sillat” is a collaboration with Jyvälän Settlements and is funded by the Finnish Educational Ministry.
See more on “Sillat” here

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