September 6-16, 2018: Experience Workshop is for the 3rd time at Helsinki Design Week! Visit our STEAM Playground at the largest design festival in the Nordic countries

Experience Workshop participates for the 3rd time at the Helsinki Design Week, the largest design festival in the Nordic countries. Visit us at the Helsinki City Museum, the central venue of the Children’s Design Week between September 6-16!

Photo from Experience Workshop’s last year’s STEAM playground (top right) in the promotion campaign of Helsinki Design Festival’s children events.

Let’s explore the fun world of Experience Workshop’s STEAM learning through design, construction and play. A stimulating selection of maths & arts tools collected from toy designers from all over the globe. 

Build, cooperate, solve problems, discover and experience!

Try 4Dframe, Itsphun, LUX, Carawonga, Logifaces, Polyuniverse and more!

Our special guest on the weekend of September 15-16 is Logifaces:


Come and discover Logifaces with Eszter Losonczi this weekend!

Eszter is a trained art historian and museum educator.

She finds new inspirations in STEAM education and Logifaces, a genuine analog game for digital minds.

She held workshops worldwide for kids and adults, game lovers and math pros. The game she introduces is a simple yet sophisticated 2.5D puzzle.




Opening times between September 6-16:

on weekdays: 11.00-17.00
on weekends: 11.00-19.00

Come and have fun and playful discoveries with Experience Workshop’s new STEAM-Inspirator, Matias Kaukolinna and our other friends.

We are happy to introduce you our new STEAM-Inspirator, Matias, who is just finishing his studies in the University of Helsinki. According to his words, he is “a Happy-Go-Lucky sort of person”, whose ultimate superpower is communication. 

He is going to be a math and chemistry teacher and even more. His motto is: “work hard, pray hard” and one of his favorite quotes is from Soren Kierkegaard, the great Danish thinker: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

Math is the language of the universe and it is found basically everywhere: nature, art, science, music, finance, etc. and that’s the reason why it is so fascinating to him. As Matias told us, “the best way to learn math is just to use it.” 

The workshop is part of Helsinki Design Week’s new Children’s Design Week.
Read more about the Children’s Design Week here.

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