Spreading the Spark of STEAM

In this captivating video, we follow the journey of Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi, STEAM Director of Experience Workshop, as he embarks on an inspiring mission to Indonesia. His goal? To ignite a passion for STEAM education across this vibrant nation.



Exploring Indonesia Through a STEAM Lens

Dr. Fenyvesi delves into the rich tapestry of Indonesia’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and educational landscape. With a keen STEAM approach, he uncovers the intricate connections between science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in the everyday life and traditions of Indonesia.

Collaborations that Spark Change

This journey is marked by significant collaborations with esteemed institutions like the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (Seameo) Qitep in Mathematics and Sebelas Maret University. These partnerships are pivotal in integrating the STEAM curriculum into the Indonesian educational system.

Empowering Educators

A highlight of this trip is Dr. Fenyvesi’s interaction with thousands of Indonesian teachers. He shares the innovative STEAM curriculum developed by Experience Workshop, grounded in educational research and best practices. His workshops and seminars serve as a catalyst, encouraging educators to adopt a multidisciplinary approach in their teaching methods.







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