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Experience Workshop’s updated course calendar is available for 2024/25

If you want to learn more about interdisciplinary approaches, STEAM, digital education, school leadership, experiential, project-based, student-centred and innovative education, and the Finnish educational environment, you only need to apply for our courses. Our brand new course calendar is available here:


Supervisor of the courses is Ph.D. Kristóf Fenyvesi, Senior Researcher of the Finnish Institute for Educational Research in the University of Jyäskylä. The courses are delivered in close cooperation with his invited colleagues. Dr. Fenyvesi’s research interests are overarching the main highlights of the Finnish education system, such as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education, creativity & innovation in learning, trans- and multidisciplinary integration in learning,  problem-solving, playful learning, phenomenon-based, experience-oriented and cooperative approaches in education, hands-on approaches and digital modeling, etc. The training courses aim to put participants in active situations so that they themselves can learn through experience.

New course topics have been introduced recently. Check them here:


THANK YOU. For your fantastic empathy and attention towards us in each moment. For the great organising work you did for us. For the privilege to learn from such an enthusiastic and creative educational researcher like Kristóf. For the possibility to have a one-week-long glimpse in what is going on in today’s educational research.

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