STEAM in School Education course

Privilege to learn! Feedback from participants

“This training was an outstanding experience for me with its different topics, including the Finnish education system and the STEAM approach. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the relevance of the STEAM approach in 21st-century education. I would like to commend Kristóf for his engaging response to all our varied questions and critical comments. The training was dense, in a positive sense, with a broad range of topics and activitiesIt’s challenging to single out one aspect as the highlight.”

I liked the variety of the course and that it was so well adjusted to the needs of the group.


One of the most interesting details was the short course about the importance of building up the social-emotional competences next to the cognitive competences.


I most enjoyed the fact that the STEAM training program was very diverse. It covered many different subjects, such as science, technology, engineering, and art. This allowed me to learn a lot of new things and learn how to apply them in practice.



Engaging with other educators and experts during the program has honed my communication skills and expanded my professional network, which will be invaluable in my future endeavors.



Understanding how to integrate STEAM into my teaching has opened up new avenues for curriculum development.


I have learnt about sustainability as a social consensus.



I found the most interesting the deep insight in the elements and the background of the Finnish educational system.


I felt like an explorer, each day discovering something exciting!



THANK YOU. For your fantastic empathy and attention towards us in each moment. For the great organising work you did for us. For the privilege to learn from such an enthusiastic and creative educational researcher like Kristóf. For the possibility to have a one-week-long glimpse in what is going on in today’s educational research.



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