2011. September 15. Thursday

The French Connection…


The schoolbus of Lycée Francais de Vienne with 33 cool young scientists and their teacher Camille Armand, Yonnel Arrouas and Clemens Hupka on its board is coming to the town of Pécs on 19 March, 2011.

They took up Pécs city on the itinerary of their mathemagical tour to meet the Experience Workshop in its home institution, the Apáczai Education Centre.

Katalin Turi, the director of the ANC and Ms. Ildikó Szabó, maths-physics teacher and the professional leader of the Experience Workshop is already waiting them, just like other enthusiastic activists of the Experience Workshop Movement: dr. Eleonóra Stettner from the Kaposvár University or dr. László Vörös from the Pécs University and our nice interpreter Alexandra Besenczi, English-teacher.

Check out our Saturday a′la carte and pick more from the Paper Polyhedra Sculpture, or just try some M. C. Escher in 3D… And as a dessert: don′t forget to make your own creation from the wonderful ZomeTool kit!

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