Calling young innovators in Finland, Hungary, Spain, Italy and elsewhere in Europe! Register until January 10 to the new International Category for TeenTech Awards, UK!


Experience Workshop is delighted to provide you with the opportunity to participate in the TeenTech Awards (UK). This is first time that this prestigious initiative has been offered in Finland and in Hungary and in other countries of Europe.

Register until January 10, 2017!

The TeenTech Awards programme challenges students to develop their own product or application to make life better, simpler, safer or more fun. International teams can choose to address any of the selected industries identified in the UK programme, and will be judged as a separate international category.

Teams will be linked by TeenTech to mentors in their industry, and schools will be provided with support materials. Participation in the programme helps students to see how they might apply science and technology to real world problems, and enables them to work with professionals to develop their idea.

Check out last year’s winners Lauren and Lucy at the BBC Radio One Teen Awards here

All submitted projects receive feedback and a bronze, silver or gold award. Every year the best projects go forward to the Royal Society for judging and the winners are invited by TeenTech patron, HRH Duke of York to Buckingham Palace!


The deadline to register is January 10th, 2017.

Step 1:

Please let Experience Workshop know that you are interested in the Teentech programme and we can support your efforts. Send us an e-mail to

Step 2: 

Please visit

Simply enter ‘International’ as the category of choice, and the number of teams you will be entering in the open box at the end of the form. If you know the industry your students will be addressing you can also enter it here, TeenTech can then help with mentor allocation.

This allows the whole of the Spring term for students to undertake their projects.

There is a wealth of support available, and schools have found the programme to be an exciting, innovative way to expose their students to the dynamic world of engineering and technology – by engaging with professionals about their very own ideas! By the end of the process the students, quite rightly feel like young engineers and technologists, and are keen to spread the word further!

Additional information:

Please find below a summary of the resources provided by the programme and the benefits of participating.

TeenTech Provide

· All support materials and project timelines.
· Experienced industry mentors.
· Links to other schools in the UK who have been through the process.

How to run the programme

There are a number of ways in which a school can choose to run the programme, for example,

· As a club, in students own time or during lessons.
· Focus on a particular year group/run across the school or promote as an opportunity for students to sign up to.

Benefits for Students and School

· Immersive science, technology and engineering project based learning
· Adds further context to classroom work.
· Develops critical soft skills.
· Builds student confidence and enthusiasm for science, technology and engineering.
· An innovative approach to careers advice, through exposure to and an understanding of the diverse and emerging opportunities and pathways.
· Alumni have used their TeenTech Award experiences to gain Arkwright scholarships, and work experience with leading tech companies.
· An effective framework to build mutually beneficial partnerships with local engineering and tech companies.


Recognition opportunities for students, teachers and schools:

Linked with CREST Award
Final held at Royal Society hosted in previous years by tech celebs including Dallas Campbell, Brian Cox, Steven Fry, James May.
Winners attend official reception at Buckingham Palace and receive £1000 for their school.
Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates.
Teacher of the Year Award.
Opportunity to become a TeenTech Centre of Innovation and Creativity.
TeenTech Ambassador programme for students.

Categories for Years 7-11 (age 11-16)

1. Energy

2. Transport

3. Health

4. Education

5. Wearable Technology

6. Music, Media and Entertainment

7. Environment

8. Safety and Security

9. Fashion and Retail

10.Design and Construction

11. Future of Food

12. Digital Skills (judged across all categories)

13. Manufacturing (judged across all categories)

14. Research and Information Literacy (judged across all categories)

15. Teacher of the Year

NEW! Categories open to Years 12-13 (age 16-18)

16. Best Innovation – Concept

17. Best Innovation – Model, Prototype or Product

18. Best Research project

19. Consumer Innovation Award (judged across both age groups)

More information and support is available by sending an e-mail to

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