Multiplication event of the “Poly-Universe in School Education” Erasmus+ project


Educational tools which make the thinking process more sensible and tangible, do not only contribute to the more enjoyable learning of a certain subject, but even subject frameworks themselves can be expanded. Passages open up, new connections are created between different fields of expertise, allowing a playful move towards the multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based forms of learning. The Poly-Universe kit, the invention by Hungarian visual artist János Saxon-Szász, is an excellent tool for all this.

The new educational methodology based on Poly-Universe was developed in the course of the Erasmus+ project “Poly-Universe in School Education” (2017-1-HU01-KA201-035938). More information about Poly-Universe and the Erasmus+ project is available here:

Thursday, 6.6.2019, 08-16.00
Main Building “C”, main hall
POLY-UNIVERSE METHODOLOGY ACADEMY for STEM TEACHERS with Nóra Somlyódy and Matias Kaukolinna

Friday, 7.6.2019, 08.00 –15.00
Department of Physics, FYS2
POLY-UNIVERSE METHODOLOGY ACADEMY for STEM TEACHERS with Kristóf Fenyvesi, Nóra Somlyódy and Matias Kaukolinna

Friday, 7.6.2019, 13.00 –14.30
Department of Physics, FYS3
Multidisciplinary Mathematics Learning with the Poly-Universe Visual Experience Toolkit 
Merja Sinnemäki, Leena Kuorikoski, Nóra Somlyódy and Kristóf Fenyvesi

Participants get an introduction to the Poly-Universe Mathematics Education Toolkit ( and to the final outcome of the Erasmus+ PUSE research: a broad collection of creative exercises covering K12 geometry, combinatorics and probability, sets and logic, graphs and algorithms, and more. The next generation of “Hungarian mathematics” is here: if you liked Varga-Neményi’s logical set, you will like this too. The complexity emerging from Poly-Universe’s simplicity makes it more than a game. Play, art, and creative problem-solving are all coming together in a new synergy for mathematics education.

Project Coordinator:
Polyuniverse Ltd., Hungary

Experience Workshop ay, Finland
Fazekas Mihály Practicing Primary School and Grammar School, Hungary
Nafarroako Ikastolen Elkartea, Spain
NetCoGame Gameful Living Research Center, Hungary
Základná skola Gergelya, Slovakia

Erasmus+ Project ref. 2017-1-HU01-KA201-035938




More information about the Poly-Universe project:

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