Moomin Maths teacher’s book

Teacher’s guide to maths and emotions with the Moomin family has been published.

This teacher’s guide should be used with the textbook Moomin Maths & Emotional Skills 1, Moomin Maths & Emotional Skills 2, Moomin Maths & Emotional Skills 3. The materials are designed to be used in teaching mathematical and emotional skills in early childhood education.

Teacher’s guides to Moomin Maths workbooks are available by clicking on the pictures below:


It is essential that teachers use this teacher’s guide when working with the textbook Moomin Maths & Emotional Skills. The guide provides information about the textbook and its pedagogical principles. More importantly, it contains a wide range of exclusive classroom activities relating to both the story and the mathematical skills.These activities should be completed before doing the exercises in the textbook.


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