Mondrian Blocks for Mathematics Learning and Cognitive Development


The video was presented at the Arts in STEAM 2022 Conference, 20-21.01.2022

Cognitive Development through Creative Problem-solving: Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Mondrian’s Birth with Mondrian Blocks!
  • Kristóf Fenyvesi (Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä)
  • László Mérő (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary)
  • Imre Kökényesi (Smart Egg LTD, Hungary)
  • Christopher Brownell (Fresno Pacific University, USA)
  • Eleonóra Stettner (Kaposvár University, Hungary)

Video: Smart Egg Ltd. (Imre Kökényesi & László Gergely) – Experience Workshop (Kristóf Fenyvesi)

Piet Mondrian’s artistic journey from the Netherlands to New York City is a story of diverse creativities that combine the aesthetics of pure geometrical construction with the art of painting. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mondrian’s birth, we introduce Mondrian Blocks, an award-winning puzzle and game, which connects the strict systematism of Mondrian’s art with mathematical playfulness and discovery.

In this presentation, the creative team of game designers share how they turned a mathematical challenge into an artistic game and the educational developers guide an exploration into the mathematical, cognitive, and educational dimensions of Mondrian Blocks. Finally, we introduce our further cognitive games, such as the globally popular Smart Egg. We also provide a sneak peek at prototypes of some of the team’s newest ideas of intriguingly brainy games that represent a wide range of puzzling play and open new horizons in cognitive development in the schools and beyond.

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