Mondrian Blocks already used by 14,000 Chinese school children

Exciting news from EW founder Kristof Fenyvesi from Beijing

I’m thrilled to share my recent experience at the “International Seminar on Innovation in Teaching and Learning Methods Based on Puzzles as Learning Tools” in Beijing, where I joined forces with László Mérő and Imre Kökényesi, the brilliant minds behind the Mondrian Blocks puzzle.

Our collaboration has led to something extraordinary: the Mondrian Blocks are now a key tool in cognitive development for an astounding 14,000 Chinese students in 10 schools in the Haidian District, inspiring six comprehensive books on cognitive development methods!

Seminar Highlights
The seminar, a melting pot of ideas and innovation, was a testament to the power of educational learning tools in shaping the future of education. Key takeaways include:

Global Collaboration
Experts from Finland, Hungary, the USA, and China, including professors from Beijing Normal University, Peking University, Haidian Academy of Educational Sciences, University of Jyväskylä – Jyväskylän yliopisto, and several other prestigious universities and educational institutions, gathered to exchange ideas regarding educational goals and teaching strategies. This remarkable assembly of academic institutions from around the world, showcased a commitment to global educational development.

Educational Transformation
Haidian District’s educational practices, embracing gamified learning, brain science, and cognitive psychology, were highly commended. This approach aligns with new curriculum reforms in China, ensuring scientific and effective teaching methods based on playfulness and children’s wellbeing (!). Something totally new concerning Chinese education!

Student-Centred Learning
The focus was on active inquiry, task-driven, and entertaining learning activities, encouraging teachers to embrace global educational concepts.

Innovative Teaching Practices
I shared insights on the Finnish approach to playful education, learning by doing, emphasizing the role of educational research on cognitive skills, students’ well-being, social and emotional learning, and assessment.

Mondrian Blocks in Curriculum 
The complete Chinese curriculum based on the Mondrian Blocks puzzle was introduced, showcasing a practical approach to cognitive development.

Empowering Educators and Students
The seminar underlined the importance of hands-on activities and the role of games in developing students’ problem-solving skills and creativity.

The Impact of Mondrian Blocks
The widespread adoption of Mondrian Blocks in China is a testament to Experience Workshop’s collaborative efforts. It’s incredible to see how this puzzle is contributing to the development of the cognitive abilities of thousands of students, fostering innovation, and creativity.

This seminar was not just a meeting of minds but a beacon of hope for the future of education. It’s a reminder that when we come together, share ideas, and embrace innovation, we can make a significant impact on the world of education.

See the full report of the event “International Seminar on Innovation in Teaching and Learning Methods Based on Puzzles as Learning Tools” in Chinese here: in English (use machine translation).



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