Meeting the Messi of Maths on video

Join us as we highlight the 2023 Abel Prize event in Tromsø, Norway, where Luis A. Caffarelli was celebrated for his significant contributions to mathematics. 300 Norwegian students engaged in STEAM activities, provided by the Experience Workshop STEAM Network. This event was organized by the University of Tromsø with the coordination of Cordian Riener.

Witness a special moment when Kristof Fenyvesi from Experience Workshop presents Caffarelli, the “Messi of Mathematics” a Fullerene molecule model, commonly known as a “soccer ball“. This video underscores the value of STEAM education and its positive influence on young learners.

The Abel Prize is awarded annually to an international mathematician who has distinguished himself or herself over many years. This year’s award went to Luis A. Caffarelli from the University of Texas, USA. He received the award in a formal ceremony in Oslo on May 23, then he travelled to Tromsø on May 25 to meet the children at the university library. Read more information about the event in Tromsø here.

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