STEAM is progressing to the daycare centers with Experience Workshop’s tools

STEAM educational methodology (=Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) has done a step to the daycare centers. The first one-day workshop with Experience Workshop’s tools was held in the Finnish city of Jyväskylä, in the daycare called Kukkumäki.

Daycare teachers got acquainted with the basics of STEAM education and its tools, which means they have:

  • constructed robots (asymmetric wheel/electric motor)
  • built spatial objects out of 4d frame and Zometool
  • experimented with 4d soft blocks
  • used STEAM educational tool sets

The workshop leader Otto Virkkula (himself a daycare teacher) remembers how in the beginning many of the participants felt strange with subjects like technology and robotics. The most exciting achievement of the day was exactly the realization how simple and joyful the use of STEAM tools was. No need for any specialized professional knowledge!

(Thanks for the photos, Päivi!)

This very last image was actually taken in Mumbai, India by Päivi, who presented the 4d kit there. They were modelling 6-folded symmetric snowflakes, already known by Finnish children. Daycare teachers in Mumbai built colorful mandalas with 4d, the workshop was held by Päivi. 


If you are an educator and have used STEAM tools at school or at public events, feel free to forward your impressions to our e-mail address If you are planning to introduce 4Dframe (or other exciting tools) at class, look around in our webstore:

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