Play and Art At Math Class? YES! Learn about it more: CrossBorderScience 2012 Conference in Hungary

“Experience-centered Approach and Visuality In The Education of Mathematics and Physics”

August 28, 2012, Kaposvár University, Hungary

Address: Kaposvár, Guba Sándor u. 40., Hungary

Let’s Form Communities! The goal of this conference is to draw attention to the new opportunities in the experience-centered education of mathematics and natural sciences and to study together the mathematical and scientific connections in visual arts. We are inviting teachers, educators, scholars, artists, workshop leaders, university students and parents to this meeting. Let’s form creative communities for the research of art&science connections in the education of mathematics and natural sciences!

Don’t Just Talk: Do It! As a participant of this conference, You will have the opportunity to meet with internationally recognized specialists of this field, like Reza Sarhangi (Towson University, USA), the president of the Bridges Organization, the world’s largest mathematics&arts community, Slavik Jablan (Mathematics Institution, Belgrade, Serbia), a pioneer of a relatively new study field: the visual mathematics and Mojgan Lisar art therapeutist from The Netherlands. Our conference includes a workshop session, where everybody can try in practice some succesful methods and practices in the experience-centered education of mathematics.

All registered participants will get our newly published tri-lingual (Hungarian-Croatian-English) book, called Experience-centered Approach and Visuality In The Education of Mathematics and Physics.


The registration includes a free copy of our comprehensive publication and the conference lunch.

You can register in e-mail until August 25, 2012 at

Register now! The number of participants is limited!

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CrossBorderScience 2012 Konferencia – Kaposvár

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