Hallå Celsius!

The purpose of the Hallå Celsius! project is multilingual and sustainability learning for intercultural exchange through science and art collaborations between Swedish-, Finnish-, English- & French-speaking students in Finland, Sweden & Canada. Our project is supported by the Swedish Cultural Foundation.

The intercultural, multilingual and transdisciplinary taskforce behind this project was created by Integreateach, a Swedish educational enterprise founded by Charlotte Graham and Philippe Longchamps in 2021. Integreateach is highly committed to spread Swedish educational values and teaching excellence, and to promote multicultural and multilingual approaches in STEAM contexts. 

Members of the Hallå Celsius! workgroup are based in Sweden and Finland, consisting of internationally recognized educators and scholars:

Philippe Longchamps & Charlotte Graham, Integreateach – Sweden
Kristóf Fenyvesi, Nóra Somlyódy and Johan Stén – Finland

The workgroup will organise Motivational Days – Climate Hackathons for Swedish-speaking students in Finland and in Sweden, and reach out to French speaking students in Canada for further connections with minority language students for a wider perspective.

The goal of the “Climate Hackathon” is to engage students to call attention to alarming signs of climate changes, environmental pollution, and identify environmental risk factors in the area of their home and school environments through social media materials. The Climate Hackathon is a multilingual exercise based on a sustainability pedagogy introduced in the Transformative Education-book by Charlotte Graham and Philippe Longchamps. 

Central to the Climate Hackathon idea is the historical figure of Celsius and his French companion, Maupertuis, who together undertook the famous historical expedition to Lapland (Sápmi) to measure the curvature of planet Earth. Associating Celsius’ trip to Lapland in 1736-1737 with climate change is based on the fact that Celsius’ temperature measurements have actually been exploited in climatological studies, and that they are the oldest reliable data set in this regard in the world.

The result of the Climate Hackathon will be the multilingual Motivational Call which invite Swedish-, Finnish-, English- and French-speaking students from Finland, Sweden and Canada.


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