Global Educational Visions in Early Childhood Education and Technology: Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi’s Seminar in China’s Ed-Tech Powerhouse

Chinese-Finnish Collaboration in Educational Innovation


In a landmark advancement for international education, the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT) and Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) jointly organized an important seminar on November 22, 2023. Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi, a renowned expert in STEAM education and Director of Experience Workshop, attended as a guest researcher representing HKMU. This event signified a notable encounter between Finnish and Chinese educational excellence in front of the impressive backdrop of Chinese technological progress.


Unveiling Educational Synergies


The seminar began with an insightful introduction from SZIIT’s teacher, Zhao Rong, establishing an atmosphere of cultural exchange and scholarly eagerness. The cooperative endeavor between HKMU and SZIIT fostered a profound examination of educational practices, merging Finnish creativity with China’s pedagogical traditions merged with high level technological expertise.




Finnish Educational Expertise Meets SZIIT’s Technological Prowess

Dr. Fenyvesi presented Finnish strategies in Early Childhood Education, focusing on hands-on learning and play. His perspectives, combined with SZIIT’s dedication to technological innovation and early childhood education, sparked a stimulating discussion on blending diverse educational approaches.





Exploring themes from his book on Playful Learning in Early Childhood Education in Finland, Dr. Fenyvesi provided an integrated STEAM perspective. His discussion, enhanced by the collaborative environment at HKMU and SZIIT, spurred critical reflection on adapting these methodologies across various educational settings.


STEAM Education: A Multifaceted Approach

The seminar explored the multifaceted realm of STEAM education, with Dr. Fenyvesi leading the participants through a journey of comprehensive learning. The discussion emphasized the significance of interdisciplinary education and reflected SZIIT’s commitment to cultivating technologically adept, all-rounded graduates.

On Finnish ECEC pedagogy, Fenyvesi presented a dynamic display of child-centric educational approaches. This portion of the seminar served as a foundation for critical evaluation, exploring the integration of these methods into SZIIT’s technology-blended educational structure.







Creativity and Innovation in Learning


A highlight of the event was Fenyvesi’s creative snowflake-designing STEAM workshop, symbolizing the essence of playful education. This interactive session not only sparked creative thinking but also served as a medium for contemplating the integration of creativity within structured, technology-driven curricula






A Cross-Cultural Educational Exchange



The seminar concluded with an enriching exchange between Dr. Fenyvesi and the SZIIT community, underscoring the invaluable potential of cross-cultural educational interactions. Several collaboration opportunities were raised, exemplifying the profound artistic and educational connections fostered during the event.




Bridging Educational Worlds


The seminar’s conclusion, marked by a group photo session, represented more than just the end of an event. It symbolized the successful dialogue between Finnish STEAM education with SZIIT’s technological commitment, realized through the mediating vision of HKMU. This seminar went beyond sharing knowledge; it forged new paths for future collaborations and deepened reflections on integrating diverse educational methodologies.



Celebrating the Catalysts: HKMU’s Essential Contribution

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to HKMU, especially to Dean Benjamin TY Chan and Program Director Benjamin CHAN Kai Tsun, for their dedicated efforts in bringing this event to fruition. A special acknowledgment is also warranted for Bruno CHIU Man Lik, whose expertise in early childhood education was crucial in enhancing the seminar’s content and impact.










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