Finn minta is Experience Workshop’s new partner

“Finn minta” means “Finnish model”. We believe that education is the key to making a significant impact towards a more sustainable and equitable society. Therefore, at Finn minta, we encourage lifelong learning and offer education opportunities for teachers and students.

Inspired by the Finnish education system, our mission is to aid the professional development and improve well-being of teachers and educators globally. We foster education development cooperation and the exchange of best-practices between Finland and other countries. We align our practices with values of inclusion, equal opportunities and ethical collaboration. 

For students: our team helps to find the right study opportunities in Finnish higher education institutions, as we offer guidance and counseling services as well. 

For teachers: currently, we are implementing two KA2 Erasmus+ projects along with partners from Hungary and Finland. One offers learning opportunities specifically to English language teachers:, while the other will produce open source learning materials on sustainability education taught by using the phenomenon-based learning method. Information on the latter project will be announced soon on our website!

Are you interested in learning more? Book a 15-minute meeting with us or sign up to our mailing list.

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