Uptown Night Festival – Yläkaupungin Yö in Jyväskylä with Experience Workshop

The Uptown Night Festival or Yläkaupungin Yö marks the beginning of the summer in Jyväskylä, when everyone who is able to move is hanging out on the streets playing, listening to concerts or eating. Finnish weather surprised us with an extreme of 25 plus degrees.

Experience Workshop was also out on one of the best playgrounds in Finland, called Mäki-Matti, together with Jyvälä Settlements Association, to have people play with our STEAM tool collection and enjoy playing music together. 

Getting to know Itsphun with Naim and Jomah:

Here is a natural born LUX builder with a transport equipment created from the scratch:

Paula set up her macrame mini-workshop, and also prepared instructions which led children through the design process of a sphere made of pearls (check out her facebook page Forest Fox).

And last but not least, Mahram and Sharifa surprised everyone with a spontaneous concert:


The event was part of the Sillat (Bridges) project, a collaboration between Experience Workshop and Jyvälän Settlements. It is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

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