Experience Workshop’s STEAM Oasis at Helsinki Design Week

Experience Workshop’s Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics OASIS is inviting small and big adventurers and travelers to a stimulating climate to learn and discover through play & design.


PLAYING is your water to drink;
IMAGINATION & MAGIC are the shade of the trees to lean under;
DESIGN & INNOVATION are your map for unknown pathways through the world of wonders;
HANDS-ON & DIGITAL CONSTRUCTIONS are your fruits to refill your backpacks;
– and CREATIVE IDEAS are your amazing stories to tell.

Recommended age: 3 to 100 years
Free entry!

Detailed program:

1. STEAM Oasis

on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and during the weekend from 10 am to 4 pm

2. New Hungarian logical games

thematic workshop, where you can get acquainted + freely experiment with Poly-Universe, CaraWonga, and Logifaces
Workshop dates: September 9. and 10. 9-10 am. Please sign up here: nora.somlyody@experienceworkshop.org.

3. Sillat workshop

STEAM workshop, singing together, face painting + we bring the giant 4D Frame tower to Helsinki and build it together with you!
When: September 13. 12 am – 4 pm. More information about the Sillat project is available here.

Annankatu 30, 2nd floor
00100 Helsinki


This event is part of the Children’s Design Week at Annantalo. See the complete program here.

Experience Workshop’s program is supported by:

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