STEAM in Focus! Live stream from Budapest Metropolitan University on December 6th


On 6 December from 2 to 5 pm Budapest Metropolitan University organize a STEAM forum with the participation of Israeli, South-African and Hungarian education researchers. The topic is the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) integration in Education. Watch the live stream of the event on our page!

One of the main organizers and presenter of the event is Experience Workshop‘s STEM coordinator Dr. Zsolt Lavicza, who will introduce Experience Workshop’s activities as well in his lecture.


Experience Workshop’s STEM coordinator, Dr. Zsolt Lavicza (right), Paul Gailiunas mathematician (middle) and the director of Experience Workshop, Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi (left) at the Symmetry Festival 2016, organized at Vienna University of Technology.

The opening presentation will be delivered by Prof. Sara Hershkovitz from CET – The Center for Educational Technology, Israel and Prof. Dana-Picard Thierry from Jerusalem Institute of Technology. Experience Workshop is planning further collaborations with them.


Prof. Sara Hershkovitz (right) and Experience Workshop’s pedagogical coordinator Ildikó Szabó at Ho Gul Park és Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi’s 4Dframe Warka Water Workshop at Bridges Finland 2016.


Prof. Dana-Picard Thierry (right) at Symmetry Festival 2016 in Vienna University of Technology.

The South-African Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University will be represented by Dr. Werner Anton Olivier and Dr. Philip Godfrey Collett. Please find the venue information and detailed program at the link below:

STEAM Afternoon – Program Details

LIVE STREAM (Archived):

Presentation materials:

Glimpses at Maths and Jewish Art by Thierry (Noah) Dana-Picard & Sara Hershkovitz (Download: 5,5 Mbytes)

Exploring Afri -cultural Designs and Patterns in support of an off -line STEM Education model in South Africa (Download: 1,7 Mbytes)

Zsolt Lavicza’s Prezi

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