Contribute to our research!

By filling in and sharing our STEAM Plus questionnaire

You can be part of the international research we are conducting on the STEAM background of adults and their STEAM learning habits as part of our STEAM Plus Erasmus+ project. All you have to do is fill in this questionnaire. By completing it, you will make a big contribution to the success of our project, so thank you in advance!

We are researching the reorganization of adult learning from the point of Hofstede’s 6D Model. Our aim is to deliver STEAM education to all segments of society. The STEAM approach in education is defined as equipping learners with 21st-century skills. We need your voluntary participation in this survey to complete this research work.

You are also providing valuable help by sharing this page. Thank you!

Erasmus+ 2020-1-TR01-KA227-ADU-098071


Erzurum Technical University, Turkey


University of Linz, Austria
Mecidiye Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey
Erbisad, Turkey
Experience Workshop ay, Finland


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