Be aware and make STEAM!



In the frameworks of STEAMPlus Erasmus+ project, Experience Workshop offered adult workshops to interested participants in order to broaden their perspectives and experiences with STEAM tools and methodologies.


November 2022 and February 2023 we hosted a number of great and interested adults in our STEAM activities. Part of both full-day programs was dedicated to STEAM awareness and part to hands-on testing and experimenting. Over twenty people from various cultural and social backgrounds participated in the STEAM in Finnish Adult Education workshops.


The events were opened by Experience Worksop’s STEAM director, Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi, who raised attention to emerging issues in education globally and highlighted the potential of STEAM for lifelong learning by increasing problem-solving skills of learners of any age. Participants were encouraged to have an open mind and to share their thoughts and questions.



Following the STEAM awareness discussion, a coffee break was well-suited, creating space for networking and exchanging thoughts. After refreshments and a quick energizer exercise, the participants were ready to explore more about the different applications of STEAM.




In the afternoon makerspace sessions, participants were invited to experiment with STEAM tools and games designed to collaborative problem solving and creativity skills.



The focus at the end of the day was on the self-made models, and the participants had no difficulty leaving the theory behind and immersing themselves in the practical flow experience.



It was truly inspiring to see, how participants found out step by step what STEAM really means in adult learning, and how versatile they were about inventing ideas how they can incorporate this approach to their everyday lives.










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