From Experience Workshop’s partner in the Czech Republic: Czech high school kids from Opava and Ostrava having lots of fun with 4Dframe!


Inspiring news

Experience Workshop received inspiring feedback from our Czech teacher partner, Jana Kopfova, who has introduced 4Dframe at high schools in Opava and Ostrava. There was a mathematics festival organized by the Mathematical Institute of the Silesian University and Opava’s high school, where the audience could build fractals, Archimedean and Platonic solids with 4Dframe. At another event in Ostrava, 4Dframe was central in a lecture about non-euclidean geometry, and finally, 4Dframe even popped up at a children’s weekend camp, where teams of 8th graders used it as part of a problem solving competition. Thanks for sharing your great experiences and photos with us, Jana Kopfova!

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Experience Workshop is ready to share other 4Dframe-related teaching experiences, resources, impressions as well. If you are an educator and have used 4Dframe at school or at public events, feel free to forward your impressions, experiences and photos to our e-mail address If you are planning to introduce 4Dframe (or other exciting tools) at class, look around in our webstore:

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