STEM to STEAM training in Finland

In our March training, we practiced interdisciplinarity, with focus on the transition from STEM to STEAM in a project-based approach

The “STEAM Team”


During the second week of March, the Exoerience Workshop implemented a diverse, interdisciplinary training programme with participants from all over Europe, from the Netherlands to Belgium, Hungary and Croatia.


STEM to STEAM Training


Since many of the participants were already active practitioners in various STEM programmes, we explored how these already brilliant practices could be extended to include the “Arts” element, turning their planning process toward a STEAM programme.




The main venue for the training was Crazy Town Jyväskylä, “where ordinary people usually do extraordinary things” – and this time was no exception to the rule.

University and Museum Visit

The training was diversified with guest speakers from different educational backgrounds, as well as programmes such as university visit and visit of the STEAM exhibition in the Jyväskylä Art Museum.




School Visit and Hands-on Workshop

A special feature of the training was the opportunity to have a short visit to a Finnish school, where the participants could have a closer look at the practice of interdisciplinarity in the Finnish education system, and also participate in a very practical robotics workshop. The participants reported the school programme in Viitaniemi School as particularly interesting and inspiring. Thanks to Arts teacher Leena Kuorikoski, they had the possibility to see how a STEAM project works in real.








Feedback by teachers


The most interesting thing were the mutual contacts between the group members.

We have learnt how to combine the different courses in a simalar context, and also the related practical organisation.

I experienced a good week, there was time and space to think about things.

Thanks for the inspiration!






Photo credits: Nora Somlyody, Kristof Fenyvesi


The teacher training were realized in the frameworks of the Erasmus+ KA1 programme.




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