STEAM training event for educators in Taiwan

Experience Workshop’s STEAM director, Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi, representing Hong Kong Metropolitan University as a visiting researcher, gave a STEAM training session to Taiwanese early childhood educators.

40 participants took part in the training, including academic staff from the Department of Early Childhood Education&Care, Tajen University and members from its 3 affiliated non-profit kindergartens. Leader of the group was Pai-Shiang Huang, associate professor, Head of the Department of Early Childhood Education&Care.

The event helped promote innovative educational practices that integrate STEAM disciplines from an early age.

Dr. Fenyvesi’s work, characterized by a creative fusion of mathematical concepts with artistic expression, exemplifies the potential of STEAM to make learning both accessible and engaging for young learners. The methodologies he is implementing emphasize hands-on, exploratory learning, where art serves as a conduit for understanding complex scientific and mathematical ideas.

Photo credits: Bruno CHIU Man Lik

More information:

Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi
Senior Researcher of STEAM Learning & Contemporary Culture Studies
Finnish Institute for Educational Research
Agora, B435.2
PO Box 35, FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä 

+358 40 805 3324




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