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STEAM in School Education



Course description


STEAM is a dynamically developing but largely unexplored area in 21st century’s education. STEAM is a complex methodology which is suitable for developing collaborative and interdisciplinary problem-solving skills that allows learners to explore unexpected connections between different aspects of the fields represented by different subjects. STEAM as a methodology is not only a powerful tool, but also one of the most important goals of today’s learning.

While we actively discover these fields, we become familiar with the versatile competence sets that form the basis of Finnish education, such as thinking and learning to learn; taking care of oneself and daily life; cultural competence, interaction and expression; multiliteracy; working life competences and entrepreneurship; participation and involvement. The course will cover issues such as how teachers can inspire students to work effectively with each other, to self-manage, to take responsibility for their own studies.

The course promotes the development of key competences and collective creativity to enhance the well-being of students and teachers. The content of the course is inspired by the Finnish educational context, but in each case we will also explore the possibilities of applying the lessons learned to the domestic educational context.

The course content is created by experts of Finnish educational research, teacher education and professional development in Finland.

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Basic information

⇒ Working language: English (minimum level required: B1)

⇒ Working hours: 30 hours

⇒ Venue: Jyväskylä, Finland

⇒ Prices:

⇒ Currently available course dates

  • 12-17 August 2024 (6-day regular course, CONFIRMED)
  • 21-26 October 2024 (6-day regular course, CONFIRMED)
  • 17-22 March 2025 (6-day regular course)
  • 11-16 August 2025 (6-day regular course)
  • 20-25 October 2025 (6-day regular course)

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Who is this training for?

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

About the location


Reference programme of the 6-day training

Certification awarded

Important to know




Who is this training for?

The training is recommended for Educators involved in the broad areas of STEAM as a multi- and interdisciplinary approach. Educators can gain inspiration from a methodology that combines artistic visions with scientific thinking patterns. Teachers in the field of mathematics, computer science, different fields of natural sciences, engineering and any field of the arts (music, visual arts, crafts/technology). Physical education teachers can also be linked through the art of movement. Language teachers, special education teachers can as well get inspired by this methodology. Because of the multidisciplinary approach of STEAM, and in order to maximize the effectivity of the training, we suggest participants to attend together with other colleagues of the same school, with different subject areas.



Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

The goal of the course is not simply sharing information, but supporting participants in adapting the course content for their own educational system, curricula and everyday practices.

Participants will:

  • learn about the formal and informal STEM/STEAM education in Finnish educational environment and in a boarder context
  • be able to plan learning processes with an inter- and multidisciplinary approach
  • improve their professional skills in the area of hands-on and experimental learning
  • find inspiring and creative ways to teach classical contents
  • be able to create their own STEAM portfolio and STEAM lesson plan
  • improve communication skills and soft skills in English and develop language for classroom use and planning
  • become more self-confident in their role as a teacher and in building trust-based relationships with their students and colleagues.
  • develop their professional skills through interacting with colleagues of other nationalities, exchanging ideas, materials and experiences.
  • develop their international professional network which will enhance their motivation in teaching.



About the location

The capital of Central Finland, Jväskylä is the cradle of teacher education, an important pillar of Finland’s prestigious education system. The first teacher training institute in the country was established here at the end of the 19th century, and the University of Jyväskylä has since become a stronghold of Finnish teacher training and methodological education.



Supervisor of the course is Ph.D. Kristóf Fenyvesi, senior researcher of University of Jyäskylä. The course is delivered in close cooperation with his invited colleagues. Dr. Fenyvesi’s research interests are overarching the main highlights of the Finnish educational system, such as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education, creativity & innovation in learning, trans- and multidisciplinary integration in learning, problem-solving, playfulness, phenomenon-based, experience-oriented, and cooperative approaches in education, hands-on approaches and digital modelling, embodied learning, etc. The training draws on all these approaches and, keeping in mind the principle of learning by doing, always aims to put participants in active situations so that they themselves can learn through experience. 

The course operates with a twin-track approach. On the one hand, participants will get the opportunity to being informed about newest findings of the scientific research and about their practical adaptation in the Finnish educational environment. On the other hand, they will examine the adaptability of their findings to their own teaching practice, while self-reflectively mapping creative skills and competences and the directions in which they would like to develop. All this is supported by concrete practical ideas.

The course can be particularly effective for the subsequent practical application of cross-curricular methodologies if teachers from several disciplines from the same institution can participate.


Reference programme of the 6-day training (30 hours)

    Day 1
  • Registration
  • Fundamentals: principles, structure, framework of the course
  • Tools for self-reflection on learning and professional development
    Day 2
  • STEAM around the world: international and Finnish trends in STEAM education.
  • Finnish Education and STEAM mentoring: planning and facilitating learning pathways
  • Finnish Core Curriculum and Sustainability
  • Sustainability through STEAM tools and methods
    Day 3
  • Creativities and Innovations in the Classroom and Beyond
  • Good practices to be adapted to the own teaching practice
  • Design basics: STEAM project / STEAM lesson plan
  • Cultural and educational city tour Jyväskylä
    Day 4
  • STEAM collaboration: cooperation opportunities between teachers from different subject areas
  • STEAM-ing Up learning: Maximizing motivation and engagement
  • Identification of adaptable ideas, good practices
  • Develop your own STEAM project
    Day 5
  • Student assessment via project-based STEAM approach
  • Skills and Competence Development with Arts-integrated approaches in STEAM education
  • STEAM project presentations
    Day 6
  • Reflection about possible dissemination strategies
  • Sustainable architecture and environment in Jyväskylä
  • Evaluation, farewell

While keeping in mind the described learning outcomes, some details of the program may be changed.

While keeping in mind the described learning outcomes, some details of the reference programme may change. The course is always adapted to the actual needs and requests of the participants.



Certification awarded

At the end of the course, each participant will be awarded a certificate of attendance, together – if requested – with the Europass Mobility Certificate. Certificates are issued by Experience Workshop on the condition of at least 80% attendance.



Important to know

Minimum number of participants: The course will be realized if at least 10 people register at least 6 weeks before the first training day.

For more details read the Terms and Conditions.

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