Playful Learning Book around the World!

We are thrilled to announce: the “Playful Learning in Early Childhood Education in Finland” book is now available in Vietnamese! Over 300 copies have already found their way into the hands of eager learners.

The licensing rights to the Playful Learning book have been sold to Saudi Arabia and Thailand as well.

The book is intended for all persons working with children aged 0–7 years who do the vital work, for instance, in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centres, kindergartens, nurseries and schools in all parts of the world. This book is also on excellent tool for training ECEC teachers.


The book contains over 100 practical and playful activities for children under seven years of age. It will give you concrete examples and ideas for how to implement activities with children in order for them to learn through play. The chapters of the book are based on the Finnish pedagogical practices, scientific research, and development projects of ECEC and is also based on the Finnish Core Curriculum for ECEC.

The book will inspire you in your work with children and promote their lifelong learning. The children will receive beneficial learning experiences through the playful activities and you will experience happiness working and playing with the children.

 Explore more about the book here.


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