Learn about the Finnish education with a school visit


Finnish school explored by Italian students and teachers


Students and teachers from the IC2 Sant’Agata de’ Goti School visited Kortepohja school in April 2024. Some of the teachers took part in the international teacher training course, which was organised at the same time. They all wanted to learn about the Finnish educational environment. The complex mobility experience was possible due to Erasmus+ funding and was coordinated by Experience Workshop.


Teachers in STEAM Training

The subject of the teacher training course was “STEAM in school education”. Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi, STEAM director of Experience Workshop, guided the participants through the process of outlining their own STEAM project. A great advantage of the course was that several teachers came from the same school, so the plans sketched out here will most likely be implemented when they return home.



The teacher training was also attended by Hungarian teachers from the Saint Anne Greek-Catholic Grammar School Budapest. Meeting point for the course participants was Crazy Town Jyväskylä.


Finnish education


Thanks to Gwyneth Koljonen and Saija Pulkkinen, teachers of the Kortepohjan school, the Italian students had a varied and vibrant week at the school while observing the Finnish education system. During the mobility week they also had the opportunity to make friends with their Finnish schoolmates from the 5th and 6th grade – transcending the language and cultural differences. Italian and Finnish children approached each other with openness and interest.

Italian students did not arrive unprepared: they presented the south-Italian school and the small town they came from. They loved the crafts classes and, in the unusually cold Finnish Spring, they found it quite strange that they had to go outside for a breather every break.



Teachers were also given the opportunity to visit the school at some stages of their training and this opportunity was greatly appreciated. Päivi Liimatainen and Timo Korhonen, directors of the school, welcomed the guests together.



The school also hosted a joint STEAM workshop where teachers and students built the giant Warka Water Tower together with the guidance of Kristóf Fenyvesi.



Finnish culture


One of the afternoons was spent with hiking around the Haukanniemi peninsula, barbecuing and sightseeing.


Winter had returned just for the time of the trip, it was snowing, and during the barbecue the wind was blowing snow in the faces. Real culture shock for Italian travellers. Yet they insisted on having a great time!







I’ve learned that even a complex project could be realized by simple approaches. (teacher)


The STEAM training showed me, that teamwork between the teachers is one of the most important factors during the formation of a well-working school system. (teacher)


I like so much to stay with new boys and girls of a different country. (student)


Most interesting in the school was that the classrooms are so modern, and the Finnish students work in groups.(student)


I made new Finnish friends, but at first they were all shy. (student)


During the mobility I learned staying with my friends, talk with people in another language and I’ve became more autonomous. (student)



Photo credits: Nora Somlyody, Kristof Fenyvesi, Gwyneth Koljonen, David Orosz



The program was implemented as part of the Erasmus+ KA1 programme, with the contribution of Experience Workshop Jyväskylä.












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